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Knowing the Stripes

And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

Here are some transformative zebra facts.  Did you know that every zebra has a unique set of stripes in ways very similar to the way each person has unique fingerprints?  The pattern gets especially unique around the area of the forehead.  It is also a fact that when a baby zebra is born, its mother will take it away from the rest of the herd for up to weeks at a time.  The main purpose is so that the baby can spend time bonding with the mother, especially learning and memorizing the distinct pattern of her stripes.  You see when they return to the herd and the dangers of the wild, it is a matter of survival that her baby is able to distinguish between her face and stripes and all the other zebras that this baby will be exposed to.  Especially in the times of great danger, when the baby’s safety depends on being by the side of its mother, not being able to distinguish its mother who will lay down her life in place of her child, from others who in times of danger will only think about saving themselves leaving the child of another especially vulnerable to attack by predators.

When we are weak and feeble, we should come away from the rest of the “zebras” of life (cares, agendas, responsibilities, and people) to spend time with the one whose child we are.  We should take time to get to know His face and dwell on the pattern…of His distinct stripes!  These are the stripes that were given at Calvary, by which we are healed from all of our infirmities.  It’s important that you spend enough time to be able to tell His distinct pattern from the “look-a-likes” that come close, promise much, but in the times of danger are unable and unwilling to be there for us providing for our safety.  

In this life, you will hear from a lot of voices and see a lot of faces.  It is important that we distinguish between faces we see and the face we give attention to worthy of our God.  That we may live and not die, let us take the time to come aside with our God that we may know His stripes.