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The sanctuary stood at the very center of life for all believing Jews. The structure and ceremonies performed there were a visual, illustration of God’s plan to save humanity and obliterate sin. The greatest and most important celebration ‘passover’ known as Yom-Kippur was the highest-point in the Jewish calendar. In fact, the whole plan of […]

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Finishing Well

God want’s our lives to end well. It’s good to have a great start, but like king Saul, we can finish poorly and lose out on the kingdom. Throughout scripture the importance of Ending Well has been a consistent message. The apostle Paul was very clear about finishing well. He saw life as a race: […]

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Sabbath: God’s Perfect Timing

Reshaping Sabbath preparation “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” Mk 2:27 Jesus made this statement to help us understand why God had made the seventh day unique and holy. From the very start, God knew that we needed the Sabbath to provide a life-giving connection with our creator. Over time, […]

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Keeping the Sabbath Boldly, Unapologetically and Diligently

The Sabbath was given to us as a sign of our identity and connection with God. Not only do we come from God, He lovingly sustains us, providing all the means for our care and comfort. The Sabbath encompasses our entire relationship with God, which is why keeping it is vitally important. Setting aside every […]

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The Forgotten Word…

The Great Wall of China was built so high that no one could get over it, so thick that no one could break or tunnel through it, and so wide that no one could go around it. Much of this impregnable wall still exists today. In the first 100 years after it was built, China […]

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